Shop Small {Review}

I plan to do reviews at least once a  week because I buy A LOT of handmade stuff. Look for reviews on most Wednesdays.

Today’s review: Imy and Me  5/5


I bought a necklace and a ring from Cheryl a few months ago, and although pretty jewelry is not always my style, these are perfect. It’s a great set to wear to a wedding, or date night; when I attempt to look like a proper lady. I really wish that I could wear earrings, because if I could, I would have the earrings, and it would be a beautiful set.

Quality: The druzy are really sparkly, and having had them for a couple months, they still shine like the day I got them. The chain on the necklace is a nice and thick rope chain, so I won’t break it while momming. Yeah, that’s right, I just made up my own verb. (Basically momming means doing all the things that you can possibly do at the same time and then adding a few more things just for fun while dragging around at least one toddler.)

Price: Affordable. At $7.50 for the ring and $8.50 for the necklace, they are in anyone’s budget.  And on top of that, if you like earrings, she has a great deal called the gem box to get 3 pairs of random earrings for $10.


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