The Book of Mormon

So I went to see The Book of Mormon last night. With My musical hating husband. I only took him because I was afraid to take my mom, who is my normal musical partner. That was a good decision. 

I really enjoyed it. But I also really enjoy South Park. I can’t even count the number of times the F word was used, which didn’t bother me. I was wondering how the middle aged woman next to me would take it, but she was in hysterics the whole time.

The songs were good. I mean they were really catchy and well written. I would buy the soundtrack. And I don’t listen to that many musical soundtracks. I love seeing them, but rarely listen to the music out of the theater.

My favorite scene was the Mormon Hell dream, which obviously included Satan playing a guitar, and all the famous bad guys of the world including Johnnie Cochran, along with a host of dancing skeletons and demons.

The opening number is also very entertaining. The lady next to me was screaching with laughter, as all the mormans rang doorbells and sang their salutations.

The main characters  are loveable, if a bit, well, Mormon. But they have a classic ah-ha teaching moment like The kids usually have on South Park. Arnold is a huge nerd, and brings plot lines from all the famous sci-fi and fantasy fandoms into his teaching.

I definitely recommend seeing the Book of Mormon to anyone who does not mind swearing, rude cultural references or jokes about taboo subjects.

One thought on “The Book of Mormon

  1. Chris says:

    Had to comment on this one. We were stationed in Utah for 5 yrs so got to see a lot of mormon life. Since they hit the stage with The Book Of Mormon I have wanted to see it. Some day I will get lucky. But we have been fans of South Park from the beginning.

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