Shop Small Review {Sewn Wild Clothing}

Sewn Wild Clothing 5/5

For this week’s review I am going to review a pair of shorts that I bought for my son over the summer, because this week has been kind of busy and I haven’t had time to take great photos of any recent items I have received.

I was browsing instagram for small shops (a really expensive hobby of mine) and I found Sewn Wild. There are so many amazing little girl clothes available there, at the time I found it, the thing that made me follow the shop was a super cute little dress. But a few days later, she posted that she had enough material to make one pair of Nightmare Before Christmas shorts, and I had to have them. For made to order handmade, they arrived REALLY quickly. I told her my son was a weird size (he is fairly tall, but still skinny enough to wear 12m pants.)  When I got them they were snug enough to not fall down, but long enough that he can probably wear them next year too, which was just what I was hoping for.

He has been wearing them at least once or twice a week for most of the Summer, and these things have held up so great. We get compliments on them just about every time he wears them, and he loves them too. If I give him the chance to pick out his clothes, he will go for these shorts paired with a dinosaur shirt, matching or not.

Back to the dresses, if you have a little girl, YOU HAVE TO CHECK OUT her instagram. She has so many amazing one of a kind dresses. Find her here: 

PRICE: $14 ( amazing for handmade)

QUALITY: 5/5 have withstood 4 months of boy play and are still in perfect condition.

RECOMMENDATION: buy all the things.

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