About Me

My name is Jess and I am a work at home mom. I make custom geekery and jewelry.  This blog is going to be a split between a personal blog and a business blog.

These are the things I am interested in: small business, books, movies and gaming (especially WoW and Hearthstone). I will probably post about mom life. I take many photos, so expect some of those too. The main thing that I would like to do with this blog is have a place to promote all the things I love.

My important people: Ezra (2 years old),  Josh (husband), Bellatrix (Pomeranian), Monster (Pom-doxie) and Rengar (Jungle Cat. Just kidding. Maine Coon.)

Places to find my jewelry:





twitter & instagram: @alkalined13 and @teamnevilleshop

facebook: facebook.com/teamnevilleetsy