New from Team Neville

Here is my weekly round up of custom and new items!


Be thankful ($12) and I solemnly Swear ($11) cuffs


Parabatai set ($20)  Storybrooke necklace ($17) cuff- one of a kind

Team Cuff Set of 6 ($75)


Fuck Off Necklaces ($15 each)  Textured Cuff ($15)


This is not normal cuff ($10) semicolon necklace ($15)


New From Team Neville

This week was crazy! I have been keeping busy making nasty woman cuffs all week, but I found time to squeeze in a few custom items, a few new items and also some stuff for upcoming auctions this week.  

If you are wondering what facebook groups you can find me in, I currently stock at Mad Flashers Lightning Auctions, The Geeky Chicks Boutique Auction, Geek Chic Fleet Congo, Little Artisians Cottage and Happily Never After.  I generally put in 1-5 items in each group per week, and you usually get those items for a lower price than Etsy. I also make one of a kind items that never make it to my etsy shop for those groups. 

Here are the photos from the week!

This last photo is actually the winnings from the giveaway that finished in the end of Oct.  I wanted to give her time to open it before I spoiled the surprise. 

Giveaway time!

I have another fandom prize pack giveaway running!

How does it work? The winner tells me a list of their favorite fandoms and I will send them a package full of surprise things based on the fandoms they listed.  Items given will vary, based on what I have in stock from the fandoms the winner chooses,but will be at least 3-5 items and the price range will most likely fall somewhere betwee $50-90 shop retail.

This is a photo of the prize I gave away last time!

Starts at now and runs through midnight on Nov. 2.