Just checking in.

Hello everyone! Just wanted to check in and say hello. Orders have been out of control since Thanksgiving, so I haven’t had time to do much of anything, especially write reviews for books or handmade shops. I have, however purchased a ton of great stuff from small businesses, and I promise I will be sharing it very soon, once I have time to take good photos, and also once I give the gifts to the people they are for.

We also all got sick last week, and I was the sickest person in my family. That caused me to miss 3 days of prime work time for custom orders, so I am still trying to catch up. I may check in one or two more times before Christmas, but I promise I will be back to my regular schedule once that is all over.


Thanksgiving break

Hello friends! I just wanted to check in With you and let you know the blog will be taking the rest of the week off. I have over 50 open orders right now and we have to travel for the weekend. Here’s a funny bubble picture to sign off with ❤️️.

Hey Nostradamus! by Douglas coupland {book review}

Douglas Coupland writes insane books. If you are not ready or able to accept a completely unbelievable plot with over the top characters, then get out while you can. That said, I liked this book a lot and read it in one sitting. I kept expecting there to be a bit of joy somewhere in the book, but this entire book is one gigantic pit of sadness. 
I give it a 4/5, for style and because his writing draws you in. This book is narrated by 4 different characters, ranging from extremely hopeful to dwelling in the darkest pits of despair. The first character, Cheryl really surprised me, because she had such hope and was so loving. This was a surprise knowing what I do of Coupland’s previous work. 

As I’m never going to be old, I’m glad that I never lost my sense of wonder about the world, although I have a hunch it would have happened pretty soon. I loved the world, its beauty and bigness as well as its smallness.

Douglas Coupland, Hey Nostradamus!

Each has one outstanding characteristic that is just so present, it basically defines them.

Cheryl is naive but has a hopeful look at the world. Which makes the rest of the book so depressing. (It’s really hard to review this book without any spoilers.) 

Jason is angry. He gets himself into trouble because of his anger. But overall is a good person, even if he won’t let anyone else see that side of him. 

Heather never gives up. She is also a bit gullible, but likeable.

Reg is just an ass. 

This book is unbelievably sad. Although there are little pin pricks of light scattered throughout the book, which is part of what kept me going. Cheryl and Reg are the two most tragic characters, but they also have some of the most hopeful dialog. 

At the end, it is hard to say exactly why I liked this book so much. Coupland does write good blackout scenes. He makes people in completely ridiculous circumstances seem relatable. When crazy things happen, you don’t really second guess them until after the book. I guess the real reason to read this book, is that it can make you believe in some really unbelievable things. And leave you with the smallest feeling of hope. Which is sometimes all that matters.

Team Neville new and custom order roundup

My favorite things of the week are probably my relisted alohomora key ornaments. They always sell super fast each year and can be customized with names. I also had 2 contest winners this week, one ordered the “normal people scare me” cuff below, and the other has a surprise that retails for about $90 headed to her, I’ll post a pic after she opens it. The 2nd grouping of photos are all my auction and group stockings that you can find this week, and the bottom group is all NYC custom orders. I’ve been working on adding a lot more mom jewelry to my portfolio, so expect to see some of that over the next few weeks.

The Book of Mormon

So I went to see The Book of Mormon last night. With My musical hating husband. I only took him because I was afraid to take my mom, who is my normal musical partner. That was a good decision. 

I really enjoyed it. But I also really enjoy South Park. I can’t even count the number of times the F word was used, which didn’t bother me. I was wondering how the middle aged woman next to me would take it, but she was in hysterics the whole time.

The songs were good. I mean they were really catchy and well written. I would buy the soundtrack. And I don’t listen to that many musical soundtracks. I love seeing them, but rarely listen to the music out of the theater.

My favorite scene was the Mormon Hell dream, which obviously included Satan playing a guitar, and all the famous bad guys of the world including Johnnie Cochran, along with a host of dancing skeletons and demons.

The opening number is also very entertaining. The lady next to me was screaching with laughter, as all the mormans rang doorbells and sang their salutations.

The main characters  are loveable, if a bit, well, Mormon. But they have a classic ah-ha teaching moment like The kids usually have on South Park. Arnold is a huge nerd, and brings plot lines from all the famous sci-fi and fantasy fandoms into his teaching.

I definitely recommend seeing the Book of Mormon to anyone who does not mind swearing, rude cultural references or jokes about taboo subjects.

Shop Small {Review}

I plan to do reviews at least once a  week because I buy A LOT of handmade stuff. Look for reviews on most Wednesdays.

Today’s review: Imy and Me  5/5


I bought a necklace and a ring from Cheryl a few months ago, and although pretty jewelry is not always my style, these are perfect. It’s a great set to wear to a wedding, or date night; when I attempt to look like a proper lady. I really wish that I could wear earrings, because if I could, I would have the earrings, and it would be a beautiful set.

Quality: The druzy are really sparkly, and having had them for a couple months, they still shine like the day I got them. The chain on the necklace is a nice and thick rope chain, so I won’t break it while momming. Yeah, that’s right, I just made up my own verb. (Basically momming means doing all the things that you can possibly do at the same time and then adding a few more things just for fun while dragging around at least one toddler.)

Price: Affordable. At $7.50 for the ring and $8.50 for the necklace, they are in anyone’s budget.  And on top of that, if you like earrings, she has a great deal called the gem box to get 3 pairs of random earrings for $10.


Live Quidditch is Awesome. 

This weekend, I had one of the best vending experiences of my life. I went to a quidditch tournament, in Sparta, MI. I was really unsure of what to expect, because Sparta is a really small town, and I have never seen quidditch played before.

Everyone there was AMAZING. the players were intense. I talked to one of them, because I was really surprised at how truly athletic they were. She told me that they practice 4 days a week and have mandatory gym workouts the other days. They are dedicated. And like magical quidditch, the rules are super complex and way too hard for me to describe, so just believe me when I say, the people who play quidditch deserve all your respect and admiration.

So my booth was right behind the quidditch pitch, and my plan had been to just make jewelry live throughout the whole thing, but I got side tracked by the game. If you follow me on Facebook or instagram, you can see 3 videos I posted of game play and my reaction to it.  There was more action than any other sport I have ever seen.

But moving on to the rest of the event, they had live owls. I heard there were snakes somewhere, but I was alone, so I never wandered too far from my booth. They also had a sorting hat and house quiz to sort you into a house. My sister in law came and got sorted into Gryffindor, (no surprise there) and her little brother was a Hufflepuff. They got little posters with their house info.

The entire park was decorated. It was magical.

On top of all the things to do, the people were truly some of the best event attendees I have ever met. I had conversations with a ton of people looking at my wares, and there were so many people in costume. I didn’t get a photo of him, but there was a little boy who looked exactly like 1st year draco, perfect hair and all.

I took some photos and made some gifs of all the action I had time to capture. I hope your weekend was as magical as mine.

Here I am, right before the event started, in front of the pitch.

Here I am, cheesing’ in front of my booth. 




A magical stump.



A warm up round before the tournament started.

Flying keys were attached to all the trees around the walkway.



Look at that dive.

What’s this about?

Okay. So I have been selling on etsy since 2012.  I quit my job last year to really do this work at home mom thing. I am the only person I know who doesn’t have a blog. I mean I’ve had blogs in the past. But I don’t have a professional blog. Until now.

Like most things I do, I am probably not going to make this exactly professional. I like to share things. I think that is one of the awesome things about doing the work that I do. That people want to buy from a real person, a person who works hard and makes the things. So I’ll let you know about our lives here.

And I will also let you know about the things I like here. Here are some things to expect: other handmade shop promos. Links to my youtube videos with unboxing and reviews. Funny things my toddler does. Photos of our lives.  Book reviews. But like real talk book reviews. I might even talk about my pets. You’ve been warned.