Shop small {Nerdtastic Handmade Review}

Hey guys. This week I want to tell you all about a shop that I have purchased from on three separate occasions. It’s run by a kick ass mom of three named Amanda. Find it at  The fun thing about Amanda, is that she offers a little bit of everything, including jewelry, lip balms and scents with a geeky flair.

What I purchased: 1 butter beer lip balm, 2 roll on scents and 1 necklace. 

The quality:

lip balm: amazing. It goes on so smooth, lasts a good deal of time and smells wonderful. I will be back for more when I run out.  And it makes me think of Harry Potter at random times when I am wearing it and makes my fangirl side happy.

Scents: awesome. I got Happy Unbirthday (lemon) and Morpheus (lavender vanilla) I wear the Morpheus almost daily. It’s a perfect blend of scents and is not overwhelming. The roller ball allows you to get as much or little as you want. It makes me feel pretty. The unbirthday one is also great, and I would wear it more often if my husband didn’t dislike lemon so much (haha I should have thought of that before buying it) but lemon is one of my favorite scents, so I wear it whenever he is away for work.  These last at full smell strength about half the day (although my day is long and filled with babies so on a normal person who isn’t constantly snuggling and also washing spit up off them they would probably make it the whole day. I’ve had them for a few months now. And they are still almost full, so definitely a good value for the price (only about $10 each when I purchased them!) I recommend these!

The necklace: I bought the necklace at a con. I couldn’t resist it, it’s a little jack skellington on a copper colored frame. I’ve had it for probably about a year and a half and it is still in great shape. Super adorable and on a sturdy chain.  I get compliments on it all the time.
So there you have it. All three items are a thumbs up. My favorite is the lip balm. She has a ton of flavors (do you call lip balm flavors, or scents?) anyway, whatever you call them, she has a lot, referencing a ton of fandoms. I know she keeps herself busy, and has tons of orders right now, so if you are looking for Christmas presents, don’t wait.

Oh, and she is also part of the Drowsy Aurora Christmas sale, so you can get a sweet deal right now. For details on all the vendors participating, go to


Shop Small {Amigurumi Review}

Today I am going to review another of my favorite shops, The Craft Penguin. She gets 5/5

I purchased 2 amigurumi from Jennifer during the Summer. The first was a large fox,  and the 2nd was a small poke’ ball. I am a huge fan of stuffed animals and geeky figures, and also I have a toddler, so once I saw these, I had to have them. The poke’ball resides in my office, along with all my other nerdy accessories.


Quality: The poke’ball is perfectly round. I see a lot of these online and in craft shows that are not shaped super great. But it is stuffed really well and looks like the real thing. The fox is really large for the price! I asked her to stitch the eyes instead of using plastic eyes, which she did for me for free.

Time: These were seriously at my house within a couple days of ordering. This was crazy fast, considering a few things: she was having a sale, so she had more orders than normal, and I asked her to customize the eyes. I know she always posts her work load on her social media, as well, so that is really cool, that she has little info graphics letting you know how busy she is so that you can plan your order accordingly.

Price: As I said, I bought these during a sale, but even without sale pricing, these are super affordable, as far as amigurumis of their size go. The fox is regularly priced at $28 and the poke’ ball is $5, but you can get different size balls for different prices.

Overall, I recommend these. Christmas is coming up, and she has TONS of cute designs, including  a really neat set of the solar system.

Find her at!!!