Live Quidditch is Awesome. 

This weekend, I had one of the best vending experiences of my life. I went to a quidditch tournament, in Sparta, MI. I was really unsure of what to expect, because Sparta is a really small town, and I have never seen quidditch played before.

Everyone there was AMAZING. the players were intense. I talked to one of them, because I was really surprised at how truly athletic they were. She told me that they practice 4 days a week and have mandatory gym workouts the other days. They are dedicated. And like magical quidditch, the rules are super complex and way too hard for me to describe, so just believe me when I say, the people who play quidditch deserve all your respect and admiration.

So my booth was right behind the quidditch pitch, and my plan had been to just make jewelry live throughout the whole thing, but I got side tracked by the game. If you follow me on Facebook or instagram, you can see 3 videos I posted of game play and my reaction to it.  There was more action than any other sport I have ever seen.

But moving on to the rest of the event, they had live owls. I heard there were snakes somewhere, but I was alone, so I never wandered too far from my booth. They also had a sorting hat and house quiz to sort you into a house. My sister in law came and got sorted into Gryffindor, (no surprise there) and her little brother was a Hufflepuff. They got little posters with their house info.

The entire park was decorated. It was magical.

On top of all the things to do, the people were truly some of the best event attendees I have ever met. I had conversations with a ton of people looking at my wares, and there were so many people in costume. I didn’t get a photo of him, but there was a little boy who looked exactly like 1st year draco, perfect hair and all.

I took some photos and made some gifs of all the action I had time to capture. I hope your weekend was as magical as mine.

Here I am, right before the event started, in front of the pitch.

Here I am, cheesing’ in front of my booth. 




A magical stump.



A warm up round before the tournament started.

Flying keys were attached to all the trees around the walkway.



Look at that dive.